Business club

The transformation of the economies of Slovakia and Hungary, which started after the major political and social changes in 1989 culminated in a common Central European countries entering the European Union in 2004, followed by Slovakia’s accession to the European Monetary Union in 2008. During this period and also in the following period, the transformation is dynamically developing and changing the environment in which businesses operate.

According to the significant regional issues affecting the southern areas of the Banska Bystrica region, north of the county of Heves, Borsod-Abaúj northwest-and northeast Zemplénskej Nógrádskej county, and in relation with lack of large companies and employers appear to micro, small and medium sized enterprises an important element of socio-economic development of these areas. They are major creators of jobs and economic prosperity and are important parts of microeconomics, which the public perceives much more sensitive than changes in economic indicators at the level of national economies. Years of market economy have shown that in addition to healthy competition, that cooperation between business entities is important as well as at both national and international level.

Operation and joint work of the Slovakia-Hungarian business club in the Cerovina regions (association of micro regions, Palócska Highlands, Rimava, Gortva and Medveš Valley) and surroundings of Pétervásarsko, wants to rely primarily on current and clearly analyzed realities. Club also wants its work to establish on a regular mapping of the actual needs of businesses and, primarily to promote a common exchange of information for entrepreneurs to disseminate a variety of examples of good practice and contribute to improve the professionalism of businesses. The club also plans its activity in the medium and long term positive impact on economic activity and development companies operating in this part of the Slovakia-Hungarian border of Euro region Slaná – Rimava.

The establishment of a joint business club, with a kind of informal economic form in the region, is a new opportunity for the development of businesses in this part of the Hungary-Slovakian border. The club does not want to replace long-standing practice of certified activities of other interested business associations and unions, which have arisen naturally in the past. But on the contrary, wants to closely work with them to find a good strategy for the development of economic relations within the common market and wants to collaborate with institutions such as chambers of commerce, support institutions for small and medium enterprises and other public and state institutions and municipalities. However, the main objective will be to solve specific business problems and to seek for needs within the investigated area, its popularization and to become more attractive. As a result, it will increase professionalism to businesses, which contributes to improve the quality of services, benefitting the people living here and visitors also.

The club wants to base its future work on a common strategy. After considering the draft of the first joint strategic plan, which will be a draft concept of Slovak-Hungarian business club, the partners agree on a settlement of its institutionalization, forms of meeting and communication, as well as plans elaborate activities and joint projects for the years 2011 – 2015, in which it wishes to get involved Information Centers in Jesenské and in Pétervására.