In the frame of the project two informational centers has been developed, one in Jesenské and one in Pétervására.

Main tasks:

  • collecting and processing informational materials about the market
  • operating the MARKETING INFO-CHANNEL; processing and displaying informational materials on the webpage, which was created according to the project; displaying information on sites of local cable operators, in regional local newspapers and through other media
  • organizing workshops, conferences, seminars, which support the local entrepreneurship and building partnership between entrepreneurs
  • promoting the local entrepreneurship
  • presenting products and services
  • publishing inserts and creating new business partnership
  • publishing new job and training possibilities
  • cooperating with institutions (e.g. chambers of industry, development institutions)

Accurate availability of Informational centers

Hungary:    Pétervásárai Kistérség Többcélú Társulása
3250 Pétervására, Kossuth út 1.
Tel.: +36-06-36/568-052; Fax.: +36-06-36/568-053

Slovakia:        Obec Jesenské
Sobotská 10
Jesenské 980 02
Tel.: 00421(0)47 56 98 283, ; Fax.: 00421(0)47 56 98 422