I. Contact Exhibition and Trade Fair in Jesenské

August 23, 2010  

The municipality of Jesenské in the frame of the project “Joint Hungarian-Slovakia marketing info-channel” on July 10, 2010 organized the I. Contact Exhibition and Trade Fair in Jesenské, where Slovak and Hungarian entrepreneurs presented their products and services. The exhibition is presented a total of 25 businesses – of which 15 entrepreneurs were from Slovakia and 10 entrepreneurs were from Hungary. The fair was opened by Gabriel Mihályi, the mayor of Jesenské together with the project partners with Panyik Anita – director of the Association of Pétervásárai Kistérség Többcélú Társulása and with Pál László – the mayor of Pétervására, and who is also a chairman of the association. The program started with introductory workshop for visitors, where the mayor of Jesenské presented the achieved results of the project so far. The invitation was accepted as guests by local authorities from Slovakia and Hungary, by developmental agencies, by various institutions and organizations from Slovakia and Hungary. The main objective of the trade fair was to help strengthen the economic competitiveness of businesses in border areas, also to allow establishment of contacts and to build partnerships between individual businesses. Finally, to renew traditional Slovakia-Hungarian rural markets Slovakia, which were historically known in Jesenské. Our project partner organized in Pétervására the I. Contact Exhibition and Trade Fair on 22-21 May 2010, where entrepreneurs can also could present their products together.

When taking applications, we as organizers had only one condition, which was to present their own Slovak and Hungarian products and services on the fair for visitors. On this joint event exhibitors could evaluate each others stand “Who has the most creative stand?” According to this evaluation, the gold plaque was given to Julius Mihályi – Mihályi Bakery from Jesenské, the silver plaque was given to Vilmos Ladóczki from New Basta and the bronze plaque obtained a company in Hungary Németh Szőrme from Pétervására. The other exhibitors also received commemorative plaques. The benefit of the I.Contact exhibition and trade fair was to present own activities, products and services for residents of our region as well as get to know other entrepreneurs from our region and from cross-border areas. The Trade Fair motto was: “Let’s show what we know, we do, we produce, first in the region and elsewhere in the neighborhood too”.

The costs associated with the implementation of the fair were provided from project resources. The project was supported by the European Union within the framework of Joint Slovakia- Hungary cross-border cooperation Programme 2007-2013.

Alžbeta Mihályiová – manager of the project